Bamboo - sustainable and diverse!

Bamboo - sustainable and diverse!

How do you like hiking? No matter which tour - with all but depends on the right equipment. What has been part of the hiking backpack and what should be considered, we have summarized for you.
Bambu is the new in!

Bamboo in focus

sustainability is becoming an increasingly important buzzword in the apparel industry. especially in the field if outdoor is slowly but surely a noticeable change.

The trend is towards functional, yet sustainable materials. Above all the bamboo. Due to its enormous growth speed and its robustness, it is particularly distinguished for functional clothing. The plant is very environmentally friendly, because it is very insensitive, almost fertilized and does not need to be irrigated artificially.

So not only for pandas an absolute hit! In addition to the clothing industry, the raw material has now also been discovered as wood and plastic substitutes and finds a wide variety of applications in almost all areas of everyday life.

Bamboo outdoor clothing


Did you know that...

  • There are more than 1,200 species of bamboo worldwide? 

  • Bamboo can grow up to 1 meter within 24 hours? 

  • a bamboo stick can reach up to 30cm in diameter?

  • the maximum height of growth of bamboo is up to 30 meters? 

  • a 35 year old bamboo has reached a total length of about 15km? 

  • Over 2 billion people in the world earn their living from bamboo?

Bamboo as a raw material is an integral part of the future!


Bamboo - ecological fiber?

  • Significantly less H20 consumption compared to organic cotton
  • No use of fertilizers
  • No use of herbicides 
  • No waste of food (compared to textiles based on corn, for example)
  • Extremely robust and therefore very durable
  • Versatile, not only in the textile sector

Bamboo Outdoor Clothing Northland

Bamboo as a textile

Bamboo textiles are characterized not only by their excellent ecological balance, the material also shows special properties when it is processed into clothing.

Our bamboo T-shirts have a high wearing comfort, are very light, antibacterial, breathable and quick-drying, as well as odor-neutralizing. All in all, bamboo should be part of every outdoor adventure!


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